Precision cut-off saw with automatic saw blade feed

Specially for plate cutting of plastics and non-ferrous metals,
as well as PCB panels made from laminated paper or fibreglass.

Processing occurs automatically.
Set dimension - insert plate - press start button.
A precision result, cut after cut

Special characteristics:
  • Saw blade is shielded on all sides for safe working
  • Manual and automatic operation
  • Large working surface (up to max. 800 mm cut length)
  • Adjustable feed velocity and feed cutoff
  • Automatic recognition of length of cut and return traversing of saw blade after cutting process

Technical data:

Machine: DIADISC 47OO
Cutting height: 10 mm
Cutting length: 400, 600 and 800 mm (and special models)
Speed: 2000 - 14000 min-1, cont. variable
Saw feed: 10 - 50 mm/sec., cont. variable
Tool: Ø 63 mm
Input-/Output Power: max. 800 Watts / 180 Watts
Control process: full wave control
Special characteristics: torque cutoff
Overload protection: thermal, electrical
Restarting protection: yes / relay
Drive: double V-belt
Dimensions: 700 x 630 mm / 900 x 630 mm / 1100 x 630 mm
Weight: ca. 26 kg / 31 kg / 36 kg

Saw machine for exact, rational and safe cutting of plates made of aluminium, plastic, multi-layered plastic, Resopal, Plexiglas® and Makrolon. fibreglass PCB's (FR4), laminated paper (FR2), PTFE etc.

Area of application:
Lab, workshop, production. Should only be used in a dry environment.

- Clamping device
- Digital measuring system
- External spray mist atomizer
- cutting disks/Saw blades
- Machine cabinet

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