Spray mist atomizer
    for smooth cuts and improved cutting performance

Wet cutting with the spray mist atomizer is a must for the highest cut quality.

The micro-fine spray mist is applied to the cutting tool from two sides via two nozzles and adheres securely to the saw blade, even at high speeds.

The spray mist ensures perfect lubrication every time, something which cannot be achieved manually with a brush.
The cooling required for diamond cutting disks is thus achieved when machining hard, brittle materials.
The cutting result can be improved by up to 100% by using the spray mist atomizer. Cutting surfaces with a peak-to-valley height of RZ 4-6 µm can thus be reached.

The Micro-Spraying system with pump, tank and liquid controller is built inside of an external unit and connected with the nozzle by a hose.

Water can be used for cooling, or a special emulsion (accessories) for lubricating, depending on requirements.