Prototyping CNC drilling, milling and engraving machine

Simultaneous linear and circular polarisation of all 3 main axes make the DIADRIVE 2OOO a multifunctional 3D CNC machining centre.

In addition to drilling and milling operations, machining can thus be carried out in the 3rd dimension.

Additional expansion possibilities up to 8 axes, along with fittings for engraving, dosing, and needle embossing make the unit a usefull long-term investment.

A new Windows control concept, specially developed for the DIADRIVE 2OOO, and practice-orientated software sophistication ensure high standards of operating comfort.

The future-orientated lateral construction (a base-free design in comparison with convential systems) allows extremely large workpieces to be machined.

Technical data:

Machine: DIADRIVE 2OOO / 280 DIADRIVE 2OOO / 500
Working area: ca. 560 x 280 x 60 mm ca. 560 x 500 x 60 mm
Rerun precision: ± 0.02 mm ± 0.03 mm
Sym. precision: ± 0.05 mm ± 0.06 mm
Feed: max. 20 mm/sec. max. 20 mm/sec.
X-Y-Z drive: 1) 2) 2 phase stepping motors 2 phase stepping motors
Holding torque X/Y/Z: 90 / 45 / 45 Ncm 90 / 45 / 45 Ncm
Step angle: 1.8° / 0.00375 mm 1.8° / 0.00375 mm
Weight: ca. 40 kg ca. 48 kg
Axial drive: direct drive, ball-bearing mounted, hardened and tempered trapezoidal thread spindles
Guide systems: duplex linear guides, PTFE running elements, hardened precision steel shafts
Z working stroke: 60 mm
Working height: 180 mm (optional 800 mm with stand equipment)
Drilling /Milling performance: aluminium up to 2 mm, plastic up to 5 mm per milling operation

1) Model with auxiliary motor available on request
2) Further axes available on request

Spindle: DC Spindle
SF Spindle
(high cycle frequency)
Area of application: Reasonably priced design for universal applications For use with extremely small tools
Spindle speed: ca. 2000 - 16000 min-1 ca. 6000 - 60000 min-1
Tool fixture: Chuck 0-4 mm Chuck 1-4 mm
Powered by: DC-Generator SF-Generator
Spindle generator:
Integrated: Inside of machine housing External unit
Control: IxR integral action control, Current compensation Torque control, Electron. braking device
Connected load: 230 V AC, 200 Watts, 50 Hz 230 V AC, 600 Watts, 50 Hz
Activation: Via machine control system Via machine control system


Successive steps:
Power supply:

3 axial chopper control
(built into machine housing)
Adjustable: 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 step
230 V AC, 250 Watt, 50 Hz



Data input:

EdiTasc 3D contouring control software
for 3 axes X,Y and Z.
Suitable for extension to other axes
(please consult us before purchasing).
HPGL, also with DIN 66025 option
and teach-in programming.


IBM® compatible PC, Mouse, Monitor
1 USB-Port V2.0-3.0,
CD-drive, Harddisk
Operating system Windows 7 32/64 Bit

Accessories / Options:

- DC spindle + spindle generator
- SF spindle + spindle generator
- Clamping systems
- Spray mist atomizer and blow-clear attachment
- Drilling, milling and engraving tools
- Software options (DIABASE)
- Software for insulation milling and drilling of PCB panels (DIABOARD)
- Software for engraving plates (DIASIGN)
- Machine guarding case and machine stand
- Extraction units
- Machine cabinet

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