Laboratory cut-off saw for scribed PCB panels

Technical data:

Area of application: For smaller format panels
up to 150 mm edge length
For panel dimensions
up to 320 mm and more
Speed: 3000 - 12000 min-1 2000 - 10000 min-1
Input-/Output Power: max. 600 Watts / 180 Watts max. 1000 Watts / 310 Watts
Switching-on time: 100% (cont. operation) 100% (cont. operation)
Cutting height: 0 - 2 mm 0 - 3 mm
Panel height: max. 5 mm max. 19 mm
Traversing path: fixed table 330 mm slide table path
Tool: Ø 63 mm x 0.25mm Ø 100 mm x 0.25mm
Dimensions (WxHxD):¹) 460 x 300 x 310 mm 800 x 410 x 665 mm
Weight: ca. 14 kg ca. 26 kg
Connected load: 230V / 50Hz 230V / 50Hz
Noise level: idling ca. 72 dbA
cutting ca. 78 dbA
idling ca. 71 dbA
cutting ca. 78 dbA
ESD-Protection: earth connection for
wrist joint band
earth connection for
wrist joint band
Special characteristics: overheating cutoff,
electronic torque cutoff,
tacho-control motor speed,
overheating cutoff,
electronic torque cutoff,
tacho-control motor speed,

¹) Machine dimensions with suction arm


Cutting scribed PCB's, SMD or conventional, with fittings on one or both sides.
The panel is pushed on a steel guide over the diamond milling disk and cut off in the process.

  • High cutting performance up to 100 mm/sec.
  • Absolutely accurate cutting edges with high dimensional accuracy, without unravelling!
  • The scriber markings on the PCB panels can be produced cheaper and stronger:
    a) A scribing depth of ca. 0.3 mm is sufficient.
    b) Only one side need be scribed.
  • The continuous height adjustment of the diamond cutter means that PCB's with projecting components can also be cut without damaging them.
  • Dust is extracted efficiently by specially developed dust conveyer chambers.
  • Conductor paths can extend to the furthest edge of the individual panels, and components can be fitted up to a distance of 0.3 mm from the edge of the PCB without any problem.
  • No mechanical overloading occurs during cutting.
  • The machine is earthed to protect touch-sensitive parts.
  • The compact construction permits operation on every level working table.

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