DIAVAC extraction
      Benefits both your health and the environment

Materials which produce fine or health-endangering dust should always be machined in conjunction with the use of an extraction unit. This particularly applies to machining of fibre-strengthened materials (PCB's, fibre-strengthened plastics etc.). Chips and dust particles are taken up and transported away by the air current of the extraction unit. This is made possible because the suction arm is equipped with an efficient air conveyance system and a suction head with special sealing bristles.
The front section of the suction head can be tilted upwards to aid visibility of the saw blade setup work. The suction head can be continuously adjusted with a knob to suit the height of the workpiece.

Using DIAVAC extraction units prevents fine dust particles being blown out into the atmosphere. Not every extraction unit is suited to this task. The DIAVAC extraction units are equipped with a special fine dust filter and thus guarantee optimum results. A socket is provided for connecting the unit.