Examples of applications

DIADISC and DIASLIDE cut-off saws are used for a variety of applications. Here are a few examples taken from actual customer applications. Any material or material combinations can be cut successfully with smooth cutting surfaces and practically no evidence of burrs.

Cutting non-ferrous profiles to length with a burr-free, high-precision saw cut Composite materials
consisting of layers
of different materials
Cutting of components in
ferrite, glass
and ceramic

QA cuts on extruded
profile parts for cross
sectional measuring
Test cutting of bearings
for inspections to
prove overloading
Cutting of steel, spring steel,
hardened or coated
steel parts

Cutting out plates from plastic and fibre-reinforced materials such as fibreglass Cutting a V2A double tube with fibre optics for endoscope production Cutting through a
semiconductor chip with
different materials

More examples