PCB's with scribed panels:

PCB boards with scribed panels are divided by a thin diamond cutting disk. The cutting procedure is smooth and free of unravelling. The cut edge is almost perfect. Components are not damaged by the stress-free procedure.

The panel feed is manual. The respective scriber marking to be cut is laid on a special guide rail and centered automatically. Subsequent sliding through of the panel permits the cutting operation to be completed in seconds. The residual dust is extracted.

The feed is provided by an electrical slide table on this machine, actuated by a pedal switch.
Centering is as with the type 7100, i.e. the respective scriber marking to be cut is laid on a special guide rail.
Feed velocity and cutting height can be continuously adjusted.

Further advantages of the DIAPART cutting process:

High packing density, thanks to component mounting close to the edge:
A guarantee that components with a minimum mounting clearance of only 0.15 mm to the outer edge remain undamaged during cutting!

Panels with components projecting beyond the edge:
The diamond disk cuts the panels in the safe area below the components without coming into contact with these.

Unravelling: Cutting with punch, roller or keyway systems is economical, but has disadvantages:
- Functional breakdown due to fibres in
  mechanical components
- Hand injuries during insertion
- large dimensional tolerances

Overview of circuit board separating saws:


Laboratory pre-scored circuit board separating machine


Industrial pre-scored circuit board separating machine

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