High-performance production cut-off saw

The DIADISC 62OO can be supplied in differently modified designs. Examples are designs with an altered table top for applications involving delicate or brittle materials where small width of cut and cutting gap are required, or special designs for the manufacture of QA samples etc.

Please consult us.

Technical data:

Machine: DIADISC 62OO
Cutting height: 0 - 35 mm, cont. variable
Speed: 1000 - 8000 min-1
Tool: Ø 125 mm
Input-/Output Power: max. 1500 Watts / 550 Watts
Control process: full wave control
Special characteristics: many accessories / options availible
Overload protection: thermal, electrical
Restarting protection: yes / relay
Drive: special V-belt
Dimensions: ¹) 790 x 790 mm
Weight: ca. 30 kg

¹) Machine dimensions when fitted with maximum size table top

Cut-off saw for cutting of plastics, non-ferrous metals, steel, glass, ceramic, etc., along with PCB's made from laminated paper or fibreglass.

Area of application:
Production and workshop. Should only be used in a dry environment.

HSS and solid hard metal saw blades, diamond cutting disks, corundum cutting disks and special tools.

- Table tops
- Automatic table feed
- Slide path limit
- Fixed or switchable speed reduction 4:1
- Digital cutting depth display
- Parallel stops
- Feed appliances
- Lateral stops
- Test sample cutter
- Spray mist atomizer
- Tooljet quick-change system
- Extraction unit
- Machine cabinet

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